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Inviting Rules? Empty Inviting Rules?

Post  Jessy on Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:11 am

Whats going on in this guild???
The teamwork of our vices is going down.

We need more rules for everyone and criterics to decide who join.
We can collect here our toughts and do a rule together about inviting.

Following things should be ruled:

Inviting in guild
Some special Inviters
Lvls for Eks (120 atm)
Pallys (100 atm)
Mages (80 atm)
Kicking special members (cleaning guild)
Building up activity
Aplication criterics

my opinion:
if we are going to be more activ in the sequel forum, we need to take applicaztions from matter if friend of anyone of us or a stranger
we need to collect vots, so we see who agree
for sure the best would be if all subcommands and genesises vote...also the artists can vote
but mostly all subcommands and genesises
the levellines are good atm

now i want that you speak out about it bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce


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